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Texanischer Schuhplattler Verein

Main Stage from 11:30 AM to Noon

German Dancers

This club is a Member Verein of the Gauverband Nordamerika, an umbrella organization comprised of over 80 Schuhplattler Vereine in the United States and Canada. In order to be a member of the “Gau”, the Verein must determine which region of Bavaria it will represent. The Gauverband Nordamerika Inc. is an organization founded in 1965 for the purpose of promoting Bavarian and Tyrolean folk dancing, costumes, customs and culture and establishing mutual fellowship. This Verein was established in 1979.

Adorned in period costumes from the Allgäu Region and the city of Fischen in southwestern Bavaria, they are one of only three clubs in the Gauverband Nordamerika represent the the region: the Texanischer Schuhplattler Verein, the Schuhplattler Verein Heidengold from Rochester, New York and the d’Heimatsgruppe Schuhplattler u. Trachten Verein from New Jersey.

Bavarian Schuhplattlers, Ländlers and Volktanze, along with recorded German music and the Gemütlichkeit (happiness, camaraderie, warm feelings) making every event one to remember! Promoting German culture through dance exhibitions at local events, libraries, and festivals.